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Car detailing & protection

Studio & Mobile Car Detailing Lincoln

OCDetails is a fully insured, mobile and studio-based car detailing service covering Lincoln & surrounding areas. We are Professionally recognised and accredited in vehicle surface preparation and protection. Combining expert knowledge, industry-leading professional-grade products and an uncompromising level of detail, we prep, clean and protect your vehicle to OCD standards.

What We Do

Car Detailing & Vehicle Enhancement Services

Car Valeting and Mobile Valeting

Ceramic Coating

Paint Correction

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Installation

Vinyl Wrapping

AlloyGater Alloy Wheel Protection

Vehicle Remapping & Performance Tuning

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We are proud to be certified by some of the best companies in the detailing industry, which means we guarantee and stand by our products and craftsmanship.

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Car Detailing Lincoln

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Fully Equiped Detailing Studio

We pride ourselves on giving you the best packages as standard. We keep upgrades to a minimum in as many packages as we can and include them as standard. Why? because that’s just our process of giving the best finish we can for your vehicle.




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