We tell you about us and what makes us the best professional's in car care in and around Lincoln.

my Mission

To ensure all vehicles receive the same high standard of care and quality. We constantly strive to provide the best Detailing & Valeting services and continually research new products, techniques and invest in the best equipment available on the market. We are dedicated to providing the best service and aftercare possible. We have a solid track record of customer satisfaction from repeat clients and recommendations, these are all available online.

Passion meets Satisfaction

OCDetails aims for perfection on every job we undertake, using only the finest products from the likes of Ceramic Pro, Infinity wax, Nanolex, Swissvax, and many more. along with tools to give a better-than-showroom finish and the protection to match.

Ranging from show car preparation to paint correction, we offer a totally bespoke car care service at affordable prices to suit your needs. 

About Us

My names Jay, I started OCDetails back in 2012 while I was Recovering from a lifelong injury while serving in the ARMY. I spent 8 or so years while recovering and transitioning back into civilian life getting the knowledge and Experience needed to start my own business in Professional car care and car Detailing. This Meant Traveling around the world to places like America & Europe to gain the relevant skills in car detailing and car care as a whole striving the be the best at all times. 


I Started off mobile for 2 years tackling all weather conditions and issues over those years and then after many training sessions in Car Detailing Transitioned into a 900sqft purpose built unit which was previously a wrecked bakery which I spent a whole week cleaning out and then a full year kitting out with all the tools and equipment I needed along with decorative elements to take things to the next level to be able to offer even more car detailing services. To be at the top of my game and over all be the best at what I offer.

winning car

Having my work win shows for the best car is also an achievement along with making it into the Pro Detailer magazine 2 years in a row. 

 As a young kid we all had our poster supercar on the wall and mine was the McLaren F1. My goal is to work on a McLaren someday and bring my passion for maintaining a cars appearance to anyone that wants to keep their investments looking better than they did coming out of the showroom.

Over time I have added more and more services to the business including the likes of Ceramic Coating, Machine polishing, Paint Correction, wet sanding, ColourLock Leather repairs, Celtic Tuning Remapping, wheel refurbishments, Brake calliper colour change, steam cleaning and AlloyGator wheel protectors

Accreditations I hold

This is what sets us apart from the rest, its not just about having tools and products. Each year we take numerous Exams, and courses to further the business for the future keeping up with technologies that progress quickly in the Automotive industry every single year going forward. I think this is so important in times like this where simple things are taken for granted but have such a major impact in the world like Virus’s. 

Having trained with the likes of AutoglymUK, Nanolex, ColourLock, AlloyGator, Ceramic Pro, the PVD (Professional valeter & Detailers association), the IDA (International Detailers Association) This is what sets us apart from the rest and in our eyes makes us the best in car detailing and car care over all. 


While others in the same industry of car detailing and car care are around us, non are as accredited as we are at OCDetails. We think this makes all the difference when picking the right business to carry out the  car care services you require. Along with that we are always fixing other businesses mistakes due to them having a lack of experience and knowledge. 

I take the time on every job to do it correctly regardless of time constraints as we don’t set any time constraints in the first place. Its done right the first time every time regardless of what is needed to be done.

I think this makes all the difference when it comes to quality, professionalism and car care as a whole. we want customers to have that “wow!” experience every time they visit us here at OCDetails. Simple and small things make a the biggest impact and impression on a customer and that is what I strive for with every job that is booked in.

Pride, Passion, Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Understanding.

This is what I believe makes OCDetails stand out from the rest in our area & industry by a long stretch.

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