Car Detailing in Lincoln

Car detailing in Lincoln

Award winning Paint Correction Specialists

Welcome to the epitome of car detailing in Lincoln. Our journey to professional excellence has been paved with rigorous training and courses, bestowing us with unrivalled expertise in the art of detailing and paint correction.

Trusted By the likes of Porsche UK, Jaguar Land Rover, Audi UK an YAMAHA to restore paintwork. Reclaim the full value and sheer joy of your vehicle, restoring it to a pristine, showroom-worthy condition.


Car Detailing Process

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It all starts with a thorough inspection of your vehicle no matter if its a day old or 10 years old the process has to be carried out before any quote can be given. 

We are looking for paint irregularity’s, damage, and defects. Paint thickness is also checked in this process. 


The decontamination stages are carried out in preparation of bringing your cars paint back to life with machine polishing. without decontamination we car machine polish due to contaminates on the vehicle that would cause damage. 

This is why decon is the single most important stage of a detail.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a specialized car detailing process designed to remove defects such as swirls, scratches and marring. This can include multi stage paint correction. As we explained before this is where we need to inspect paintwork and gauge what level of machine polishing is required. Drastically improving visual clarity & depth in the colour of any car. This is generally for cars of 1 years or older if they have been neglected. 

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Paint Protection

Having taken multiple days to perfect the paint to where its at an acceptable standard we then need to look at what protection you want to put over that finish to lock it in. We offer 2, 5, & 10 year warranty Ceramic coatings. All of which have different characteristics and Durability. These Coatings protect the surface its applied to from UV damage that fades paint over time and then helps with maintenance making it easier to keep the car clean for longer.

How do we Price a detail?

This is completely bespoke to your vehicle. Prices are subject to an inspection before any price can be finalised. Prices are “From” and based on the preparation and polishing stages only. Protection (ceramic), wheel refurbishments and any other addons are extra.

Why does your car get damaged?

Over the years if not months of using the likes of a cheap £10 car wash that has washed 1000’s of cars prior to your own while using cheap and overly aggressive chemicals they damage your paintwork. Initially you don’t see this as your brain just doesn’t see the change. Until the sun comes out… 

Its inevitable that you car suffers some sort of damage over time and this is where car detailing comes in. As experts in car detailing we have the knowledge and tools to reverse the damage caused in 90% of cases while offering protection to reduce the chances of defects happening from bad washing. 




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