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Detailed valeting done by The Experts

Unlike most this is our full time business that we have been doing since 2010. We are Lincolns highest rated & qualified Valeters that offer car valeting in Lincoln and surrounding areas.

Looking For a Valeter near me?

Our fully self sufficient van is kitted out with onboard Filtered water & Electricity to be able to provide a service no matter where we are. Mobile car valeting Lincoln has never been so easy and accessible until now. 

We are much more than just a car wash

Staff have a minimum of 5 years experience with the owner having 14 years & we hold a Full motor trade insurance that covers Vehicles for damage not just Public Liability.

Our Fully kitted out Studio includes CCTV, Police Response Alarm System & Temperature/Humidity control which is here for those that have the time to drop cars with us which saves on the following. 

Travel time for mobile services is charged at £15 extra to cover staff time (wage) and fuel.

The full Valet

This is for those are new to us but don’t want to go to the level of the OCD Valet. It encompasses a full exterior safe wash plus sacrificial sealant protection on all exterior surfaces as standard. Followed by an interior clean.

What’s included?


  • Arches Flushed of Debris.
  • Wheels Cleaned Front to Back.
  • Door Shuts Cleaned.
  • External Safe Wash Carried out.
  • Spray Wax applied to all exterior Surfaces.
  • Rain Repellent Applied to all glass.


  • Thorough interior Hoover.
  • Removable Mats Wet Vac’d.
  • Dash & Plastics Sanitised.
  • Glass Cleaned Inside & Out.
  • Tyres Dressed With Durable Dressing.
  • Interior fresh Watermelon Scent Applied.

Please note: This isn't suitable for vehicles that haven't been cleaned in more than 2 months. Or has seat stains / carpet stains. pick the OCD Valet for that level of service.

Studio based £75 +VAT
Mobile Based £90 +VAT


This the package we are are known for best. It encompasses a comprehensive overhaul to the interior & Exterior. Perfect for refreshing a vehicle that hasn’t been Valeted properly or for pre sale.

What’s included?

The same as the Full Valet plus the following:


  • Engine Bay De Greased & Dressed.
  • Chemical Decontamination (Tar & Fallout Removal).
  • Hybrid Wax polish applied.
  • Wheel Wax applied.


  • Interior Seats removed where possible or Lifted where not.
  • Leather or fabric seats cleaned / Wet Vac Shampooed.
  • Pedals & Vents Cleaned.
  • Air Con Sanitisation Treatment Carried Out.

Please note: This package doesn't remove scratches, you would need a bespoke used car detail for that.

Studio based £220 +VAT

The Gloss Boss

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Single Stage Machine Polish & 18 Month Ceramic Applied

 Save up to £400! a year and say bye to polishing and waxing. Experience the remarkable 1 day transformation. Our process commences with our comprehensive Full valet, followed by a meticulous Chemical & mechanical decontamination of your vehicle’s paintwork. Subsequently, we employ a gloss-enhancing machine polish to rejuvenate the bodywork, restoring its shine Defect Removal 10-20% on most vehicles. We then apply a single layer of ceramic coating to the exterior, providing 18 months of unparalleled protection and an incomparable glossy finish. This package offers the ultimate inside/out transformation, with a dash of gloss and the enduring benefits of ceramic protection.

Please note: Ceramic Coatings need regular maintenance once applied. A minimum of 1 wash per month.

Studio based £389 +VAT

The Maintenance Program

Keep your vehicle clean all year round with our maintenance program. This includes both interior and exterior cleaning at a heavily discounted rate of over 30%.

*To be eligible for this package you must book in a minimum of a Full Valet, Gloss boss or Ceramic Detail package & maintenance must be carried out every 3-4 weeks without fail.

Please note: To Keep maintenance pricing you must pre book 1x a month at a minimum

Studio based From £65 +VAT
Mobile Based From £75 +VAT

Ask us about our 12 month 0% Finance Option

Frequently Asked Questions

Just give us a call or better yet come down to the studio and we can advise after taking a look at your vehicle. 

We wont sell you something you don’t need it benefits nobody doing that.

Well not usually but let us know if you find the same level of service, experience, insurance and customer support as we offer and we will do our best to match that price or beat it. 🙂 

(we would need full details of what’s included, the business offering it and their price).

Before bringing your vehicle for a valet, remove all personal belongings, rubbish and clutter. Also, inform us of any specific issues or areas of concern that you would like them to address during the service.

We ask you remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before the valet service (this includes child seats). 

Decontamination is THEE most important part of keeping a car clean and for the protection to actually work and last as long as the manufacturer intended.

So there are 2 different ways of decon… Chemical (tar & fallout). Then there is mechanical (clay bar). 

Chemical decon dissolves things like bitumen and iron fallout from rail and brakes. these then simply get washed away from the surface.

Mechanical decon is far more aggressive and actually pulls contamination that is bonded to the surface leaving it contamination free and in the perfect state to be polished safely. 

The simple reason is that if we did do it we would be damaging your cars paint as we would be dragging surface contamination around which causes scratches… nobody likes scratches 🙂

The 2nd reason would be its absolutely pointless as you’re not polishing the paint… you’re rubbing polish into contamination that is between you and the paint thus wasting money! who likes wasting money?! we certainly don’t!

Only if there is a safe space that the land owners happy for us to work on and that space is enough for us to open all the doors fully without hindrance of other cars or walls. 

We cannot operate in public car parks or at the side of the road. (nobody in England is insured to do this). Anyone that offers to will not be insured if they get hurt or damage your vehicle.




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