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Car Valeting Services in Lincoln

Full valets to deep interior cleans to leave your car looking & feeling amazing.

Car Valeting Lincoln

Studio Based Car Valeting Service

Discover the ease and efficiency of our Drop off Car Valeting service, designed to cater to your busy lifestyle.

With 13 years of experience, our Stress-Free Car Valeting Service guarantees that each vehicle we service receives the highest level of care and professionalism.

Our dedication to excellence in car valeting across Lincoln and the surrounding areas is reflected in our customer testimonials and a 5-star Google rating based on over 180 reviews.

Assessing your Vehicle

We get that no two cars are the same and neither are your needs as a customer. This is important for 2 main reasons. 1 we need to know what state your car is in so we can get it to a maintainable standard. The other is so we don't damage your vehicle in the valeting process.

Getting the Right Results

We focus on the end result rather than getting as many cars as possible done in a day. Our Services are about quality and our prices not only Reflect that but our studio setting also provides the best setting for your car to be Valeted without compromise.

Bespoke packages

We can tailor a bespoke package just for you if you feel our most popular packages don't cover what you need. Just get in touch and we can assess your vehicle and your needs to make it just right for you.

We Cover all Aspects

We cover all aspects of Car Valeting, From dealing with mould right through to re dying of fabric roofs and protection. We have everything covered and more!

Protection that lasts

Save money with a Ceramic Coating. Completely negates the need to polish & wax for the life of the Coating.

No damage done

Unlike others we wont polish a car without decontamination stages first. (this is what causes swirls). We also wont keep selling you a polish and wax as an extra when it shouldn't be done more than 1x every 6 months if no Ceramic is applied.



Our Core Car valeting Services

Guide pricing

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Exclusive for our customers that have previously had their car detailed or valeted with us. The perfect solution for keeping your car clean all throughout the year without you breaking a sweat doing it yourself. Keeping car care simple & effective while saving you money in the long run by not needing to spend money on “upgrades”. Taking around 2 hours to complete.

This package includes:

Starting From £100 +VAT

Please note: Maintenance must be carried out every month to stay on the maintenance plan and pricing. Excessive dirt may require additional time & cost.

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Full Valet

Restore your car to its pristine condition with our all-inclusive full valet service. We start by thoroughly cleaning the exterior, eliminating all dirt and grime. From door shuts to leather seats, fabric mats, and the dashboard taking around 3 hours to complete. Our service consistently surpasses expectations, offering exceptional quality and outstanding value.

This package includes:

Starting From £150 +VAT

Please note: If you have stained seats, pet hair or the car has not had a proper valet before we suggest the OCD Valet to start.

OCD Valet

This Package has been our most popular since 2021 when we first introduced it. Taking the Full Valet to a new level. We spend a full day “a day in the bay” as some call it. Taking your car back to better than “Showroom” Standards. Full Decontamination of the paintwork followed by a gloss Enhancing polish then tackling the interior with wet vac and steam while taking seats out. 

This package includes:

Starting From £250 +VAT

Please note: Done 1x per year to keep your car in peak condition. Once complete you are eligible for the maintenance plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Just give us a call or better yet come down to the studio and we can advise after taking a look at your vehicle. 

We wont sell you something you don’t need it benefits nobody doing that.

Before bringing your vehicle for a valet, remove all personal belongings, rubbish and clutter. Also, inform us of any specific issues or areas of concern that you would like them to address during the service.

We ask you remove all personal belongings from your vehicle before the valet service (this includes child seats). 

Only if there is a safe space that the land owners happy for us to work on and that space is enough for us to open all the doors fully without hindrance of other cars or walls. 

We cannot operate in public car parks or at the side of the road. (nobody in England is insured to do this). Anyone that offers to will not be insured if they get hurt or damage your vehicle.


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