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We are proud to be able to be part of the CelticTuning network and have undertaken their training to be able to offer safe and reliable services. Below is an example of the sort of gains that can be made with CelticTuning remaps. But wait its not just limited to ECU remaps, we are able to remove limiters, add features, gearbox mapping and much more!

About Celtic Tuning

Celtic Tuning offer a complete peace of mind package. All of our software comes with a 14 Day full money back guarantee, a lifetime software warranty and for those vehicles under 3 years old and less than 60,000 miles we also provide our insurance backed mechanical breakdown cover. So you know your car is in safe hands.

Key Features of Celtic Tuning Software:

– Up to 20% improved fuel economy
– Improved Power
– Improved Torque
– Improved Driveability
– Reduced C02 emissions
– RPM & Speed Limiters for Fleet Management Solution

ECU Tuning celtic Tuning Authorised Dealer
Celtic Tuning Remaps

Development Facilities

Celtic Tuning have 2 state of the art 4WD linked dynamometer cells with full engine analysis capabilities to ensure our developments are providing you with the best power gains on the market whilst maintaining optimum reliability for your engine. Celtic Tuning’s investment in dyno facilities means that their development programmes can work side by side allowing us to cover a wider range of makes and models.


Celtic Tuning have a dealer network spanning 19 countries they have an unrivalled level of experience in working with engines operating in all working conditions and environments.The major benefit of developing their software is that we are able to provide custom software for the clientele looking for even bigger power gains.

Celtic Tuning - World Wide - Approved Dealer


We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and it is at the forefront of our operations. With reliability, drivability and satisfaction being our target we are sure you will be delighted with the service we offer.


Head to www.CelticTuning.co.uk and enter your details or fill in the form below to find out what we can do for your vehicle today!

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