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A new car rarely leaves the showroom with adequate protection as well as a high quality finish. In fact, a brand new car is not always as new as one would think; the vehicle is usually subject to various contaminants in the air during transportation and long storage times. After which, once the vehicle has arrived at the dealership, the vehicle is commonly subject to a quick wash with a dirty sponge and chamois which will in turn inflict more damage to the paintwork. This is not the perfect start for your pride and joy. Sometimes you’re even sold a protection package that in most cases doesn’t last or hasn’t even been applied.

For this reason alone the “New Car Detail” has been introduced. It will provide the perfect foundations and the car will look better than “brand new” as well as being well protected.

The client will also be informed with which products to use and how to maintain the high level of finish that it leaves the OCD studio with.

I guess it’s in the name really, being OCD about even the smallest things that most wouldn’t bat an eye lid at. Our processes are done the right way, even on our most basic of valets.

E.g Our competitiors hand polish and wax without decontaminating the paint surface first which leads to unsightly marring as they are dragging iron filings across paintwork which in turn does the opposite of what a polish and wax should do.

We pave the way for what the standard should be in valeting & detailing, constantly investing in ourselves with kit and knowledge on a professional level. Being Lincolnshires highest qualified Valeting & Detailing business since 2014.

Yes, unlike many of our competitors who use what marketing call “stock” images, every single image on our website including the pictures in the header on the main home page are vehicles which we have treated. We have not used any artist/marketing type illustrations to help enhance our website. What you see is 100% genuine.

The protection system will last a considerable amount of time. There is no concrete answer to how long exactly as there are various factors that will influence the longevity of the protection. Although Specified manufacturer info is listed Below is a list of just a few factors that could change those durability’s positively or negatively. This is why we ask a few questions before working upon any vehicle so we can give you the best protection that will suit your uses within the limits of the below questions.

• How frequently the vehicle is used
• How frequently the vehicle is washed
• What products are used when washing
• Where the vehicle is parked/stored
• The climate also is a factor, whether the vehicle is subjected to wind/rain/snow/salty roads etc

To us Valeting is more of a maintenance service to upkeep the finish of what we would do on a detail. The basics of keeping the exterior & interior surfaces clean & protected without inducing damage like the cheaper valeter / £5 car wash would do. Taking 1 to 3 hours max.

A detail takes approximately 10 hours to complete as a minimum. Starting to remove unsightly defects such as light scratching, right unto heavy scratches where safe to do so. Bird lime etching and most commonly found on new cars of course sanding marks where the factory found a paint defect and they sand it out without polishing it back up correctly leaving a cloudy patch. Details can go into the 70 hours of work on a single vehicle.

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