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Even if someone has carried out convertible soft top cleaning before but not been successful we can assure you we ill be.

Often convertible soft-top fabric replacement is considered the most beneficial way of treating your cherished cabriolet, however this can be costly; with a limited budget and some extra time to devote to your cabriolet roof, you can transform your faded or algae forming cabriolet fabric.

With proper maintenance and cleaning, great results can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of a new cabriolet fabric roof, giving new life to the existing soft top hood.

Ask yourself these questions;

  1. Are mould spots and algae growing on the outside fabric of your cabriolet roof?
  2. Is the fabric looking faded but otherwise in good condition?
  3. Is rain leaking through your convertible hood?

If the answer is YES, consider your convertible soft top cleaning done professionally treated at a fraction of the cost of a brand new hood. 

When it comes to cleaning Cabriolet / Convertible soft top cleaning & restoration, there is a good and a bad way to do it like anything. The Below is a local “Detailers” work on the left and our work on the right. We Achieved this with just cleaning the roof in the correct manner using High quality cleaners and equipment to extract the dirt, grime & spores that get lodged in the fabric causing discolouration and an unsightly looking roof. Re colouring can also be undertaken in extreme cases where the roof has been neglected for too long. This is usually avoidable with the correct cleaning process like below.

There is no point in taking all this time cleaning so deep into the fibres to not then protect them for the weather upcoming. We apply a hydrophobic product that is specifically designed to seal the hood from liquids of all types. can you see the difference? Yes is the definitive answer. Not only will you see the water beading on top of the surface, you will also notice that further down the line the hood stays the same colour for longer in the process. This is the difference in using the right methods and products for the job.

What's Included?

What's Included?

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How do we achieve such results?

Its simple, By using better products and we have a lot of training and experience behind us to tackle any issues like this. Its not just cleaning the roof its also protecting it for the future. we do this with a product that seals the hood from the rain so that the water sits on top of the hood rather than seeping into it. We use renovation Liquids from the experts at Renovo


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