Enhancement detail

What is it?

This is a single stage gloss enhancement, we strip the car back to its bare paint via decontamination methods to then enhance the gloss and add protection lasting between 6 - 12 months dependant on millage and maintenance.  You will see  around the 60% reduction in Swirlmarks with this package.


What's included?

  • Nanolex Professional wheel cleaner applied and then cleaned with wheel woollies and a mix of soft brushes.
  • Nanolex Pre-wash applied to the  body.
  • Nanolex Tar remover applied followed by fallout remover.
  • Nanolex Pure Shampoo with 2 bucket method.
  • Clay bar of the full body and windows to further decontaminate the paint in preparation for machine polishing.
  • Paint thickness inspection undertaken.  
  • Single stage machine polish undertaken.
  • 1x Layer Nanolex Nano One sealant applied to paintwork.
  • Nanolex Tire and Rubber Restorer.
  • Windows Cleaned Externally. 

Prices: Starting from £350


  • Nanolex Si3D BC (Better base for other coatings to adhere to) - £75
  • Nanolex SiShield (up to12 months) + £120
  • Nanolex Si3D (up to 24 months) + £160
  • Nanolex Si3DHD (up to 60 months) + £200
  • Wheel off Cleaning and Coating + £100


Time taken: 1-2 days.

*A deposit is taken on all services other than our basic washes. This is usually 50% of the total service cost and is non refundable unless a 42 hour cancelation notice is given.

**It is advised not to wash the car for 7 days post application of Nanolex Coatings to allow it to fully cure giving up to 7 years protection with the correct maintenance.