External Valet

This is our basic level of service, offering better car care than your local scratch and wash you find down the road for £5. Why is this you ask?. Well, we use premium products that are developed and tested purely for car care. Your local corner wash will use very acidic chemicals that aren’t designed to be used with car paint or trims causing more damage than you would want.

What's included?


  • Non acidic wheel cleaner is applied and then cleaned with wheel woollies and a mix of soft brushes.

  • Pre-wash snow foam applied to the bodywork & left to dwell for a few minuites before being Jet-Washed off.

  • PH Natural Shampoo wash, 3 bucket method undertaken to wash the bodywork.

  • Vehicle thoroughly rinsed off.

  • Spray on paint sealant applied to add protection and instant Gloss (3-4weeks).

  • Vehicle dried with soft plush microfiber towels.

  • Tyres are then dressed.

  • Exterior glass cleaned.


Small: £25, Medium: £30, Large: £35

Time taken: 1 Hour

*If the area of concern is not listed, it is not covered by this service, although it may be added as an optional extra. badly soiled vehicles maybe subject to further costs.