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Can we work on your car at your workplace?

This is very dependant on the workplace, we don’t work in carparks around other cars where we could potentially get in the way and hazard risks go up. We also don’t carry onboard water or electric so need access to a water outlet and somewhere to plug our extension into.

Do you deal in cash or card?

Fortunately we have the ability to do both, we use the Paypal here card reader which uses secure payment connections direct to PayPal. Accepting cards from Visa, Debit, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro.

Why Choose us?

Whilst there are numerous companies partaking in the same industry, very few continue to provide the same high standards of service and professionalism as ourselves.  Not only that, we have dedicated ourselves to providing superior, honest and meticulous services and are heavily investing in our business (equipment, ongoing training and insurance coverage) to give our clients assurance that their vehicles are in skilled, responsible hands. Clients looking to choose our services should note we provide specialist services to individuals seeking only the best car care.

What is Ceramic coating & what are the benefits?

Ceramic coating is a coating that is applied to the paint surface and some even do trims and plastics to give the ultimate protection from the ever growing harsh weathers and environment. Ceramics repel dirt, environmental contaminants, chemicals and water.

The benifits are massive over the likes of a wax, Glossy appearance that can last upto 5 years or more for one application. Anti-scratch properties and some even self heal so if you do get a light scratch when the sun comes out and heats up the panel the coating remoulds itself back to a uniform.

Self cleaning properties in the sense that dirt can’t bond to the paint surface due to the ceramic coating being between the paint and the contaminant. which makes maintenance of your vehicle a lot easier when it comes to washing the vehicle.

I want my car looking new again what can you do for me?

This all depends on your budget and expectations of which we try to meet both the best we can. A valet is a very affordable way to bring back a nice clean car inside and out. Detailing then gets into more depth taking into account defects in the paint.