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Headlight restoration

What is it?

Over the years your headlights take alot of abuse from the elements, This can lead to oxidization of the headlights causing them to go cloudly which is an MOT failure. You could spend £200+ on a set of new headlights or you could spend £25 per headlight to restore them and then protect them with a long lasting and UV protection coating that lasts 2 years.

Whats included? 

✅ Headlights are wet sanded down to remove any coating left from factory.

✅ Headlights are sanded further with finer wet sanding to remove etching and fine scratches.

✅ Headlights are then polished with 3 stage polishing compounds.

✅ Headlights are wiped down with an IPA to remove any residue from the polishing stages.

✅ Headlights are coated with Nanolex Si3D Headlight giving up-to 2 years protection from the elements including UV, bird droppings and bug splatters.

Price: £70

Time taken: 1 day