Interior Deep Clean Value Protection Professional As Standard

Germs & Bacteria in cars are up to 19x more than your typical toilet seat! This package is designed to kill 99.99% of germs & bacteria. This in turn will help you stay happy & healthy while keeping the nasty’s at bay. Focusing on the interior alone using Steam, hot water, and a multitude of machines to extract dirt from fabrics and surface.

This is perfect for those that excuse the phrase “a bombs gone off” in their car.

The long term benefits of keeping your car clean with an Interior Deep Clean?

Your vehicle is a major asset, but one which can be damaged by airborne pollutants and contaminants. Keeping your car clean removes these substances, maximises its resale value, makes it easier to sell or part exchange and extends its working life.

(Antibacterial products applied to all hard surfaces which do NOT contain silicon are used).

Interior Deep Clean

  • Interior vacuumed.
  • Leather seats deep cleaned  (where present).
  • Steering wheel & controls deep cleaned.
  • Shampoo & extraction carried out on mats & seats. (steam maybe used in replacement of shampoo treatment.
  • Headliner will be cleaned where safe to do so.
  • All hard surfaces steam cleaned where possible.
  • Interior surfaces dressed.
  • Interior glass cleaned.
  • Deodorizer & fragrance applied once deep clean in complete. 

Prices From:

  • Small Vehicle - £75
    Smart Car, Audi A1
  • Medium Vehicle - £80
    Smart Car, Audi A1
  • Large Vehicle - £85
    Smart Car, Audi A1
  • Extra Large Vehicle - £90
    Range Rover / Porsche Cayenne

Time Taken:

  • 1 Hour
    Mobile Availability

We let you make a booking online, making it quick and easy for you to get your vehicle booked in for an external valet / Exterior Valet and ready to go with hassle-free contactless payments abiding by covid19 guidelines as a safety precaution not only to you but to ourselves too. 

Products we use are from Infinity Wax

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