All prices are correct for the year 2022 - 0% finance over 4 months available.

Maintenance Valet

Safe - No Acids Used Great Value Mobile Availability Specialist Insurance Highly Qualified Professional From Start To Finish

What's Required?
The Benefits?

Our maintenance Valet is the best way to ensure your investment from our Detail packages / OCD Valet are kept in the best possible condition using the correct washing techniques and a range of purpose made products both greatly reducing risk of damage to your vehicle that improper use or techniques can cause.

What's included In our Maintenance Valet?




We let you make a booking online, making it quick and easy for you to get your vehicle booked in for an external valet / Exterior Valet and ready to go with hassle-free contactless payments abiding by covid19 guidelines as a safety precaution not only to you but to ourselves too. This currently looks to be set for 2022 as we have been waiting 8 months so far for the van to be built and delivered so far. 

There are no mobile services currently due to our new van still being built. As soon as that is ready for the road we will update this page and calendar to allow mobile valeting to take place.

We are the only IMI EV/HYBRID qualified detailer and valeter in the UK  which means your vehicle is in safe hands in terms of being able to shut the power down correctly if need be to avoid fires and further damage to your car if it happened to set itself alight. 

Products we use are from Infinity Wax

We are a sole company, not a franchise, we only use the best of the best regardless of the cost to bring you the best finish possible, investing £1000’s every year in kit and training to keep on top of our game. 

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