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Scratches and defect removal in Lincoln

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Taking things to the next level over the Minor Correction Detail and chasing perfection within paint surface. Removing defects like (deep scratches, Hazing, Bird etching, Buffer trails and even sanding marks) where safe to do so. Undergoing a multistage machine polish we aim for 90%+ defect removal with this Major Correction Detail and as a general rule of thumb, if a scratch is too deep i.e you can catch it with your fingernail its usually too deep and requires re painting. Although we can drastically reduce how prominent the scratch is by rounding off the edges of it, ultimately these are the compromises that have to be taken into account.

Want a Warranty with your Package? Then take a look at the

CERAMIC PRO® Gold or Platinum Packages

Major Correction Detail / Paint Restoration / Automotive Detailing

This is a three stage Car Paint Correction (Heavy Cut, Medium cut & Refine), a perfect package for any car that hasn’t been well maintained or for a vehicle you are selling. This package will see different levels of defect removal depending on paint type. Expect high levels of defect removal & gloss levels increased.

So what makes our services Different to the competition?

Well first off we are Highly trained in the field of detailing and have undertaken so my courses and gains so much experience over the years. Details can be found on our About Us page.

Why do the results vary?

With our major correction detail, its as simple as the Type of paint used by the manufacturer, Some use water based paints (generally softer) and some use solvent based paint (harder).

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How does the paint get this damage?

Damage like this is usually one of 3 causes

  • Really bad wash methods.
  • £5 side of the road hand car washes.
  • Clay bar use without polishing after to remove the marring clay causes.

0% interest free for the first 4 months available on all packages over £99 courtesy of PayPal credit

If you are looking to take the appearance of your vehicle to the next level then our major correction detail is the option to choose. The paint correction detail will produce a  far superior finish to when your vehicle first left the showroom or factory. The results of this service really are astounding and the transformation can only be truly appreciated upon completion by comparing before and after photos.

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