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Matte&Satin paint / Wrap Detailing

What is it?

With many manufacturers offering this special paint finish as an optional extra and satin matt paint finishes becoming ever increasingly popular. However, they are far from the easiest finish to maintain! Whether it be a vinyl wrap or an actual painted surface, we have you covered so no warranty's are compromised just like the protection. 

What we offer:

  • Basic preperation and wash
  • Basic preperation and wash +
  • Protection Detail for Matte & Satin


Prices:  Starting from £30


Nanolex Matte spray sealant (6+ months protection)  + £90

Nanolex Si3D Matte (2 years protection) + £180


Time taken: 1 hour +

*A deposit is taken on all services other than our basic washes. This is usually 50% of the total service cost and is non refundable unless a 42 hour cancelation notice is given.

**If the area of concern is not listed, it is not covered by this service, although it may be added as an upgrade. Badly soiled vehicles maybe subject to further costs.