Mini Valet Value Protection Professional As Standard

Our Mini Valet is ideal for cars which tend to be fairly tidy and don’t need to go to the extent of a Full Valet or Deep Interior clean to remove stains or mud from fabrics. The Mini Valet is a quick In & Out Valet with added protection as standard. This mini Valet is ideal for those that regularly look after their vehicle but don’t have the time to do it them selves.

The long term benefits of keeping your car clean with an Mini Valet?

Your vehicle is a major asset, but one which can be damaged by airborne pollutants and contaminants. Keeping your car clean removes these substances, maximises its resale value, makes it easier to sell or part exchange and extends its working life.

(NO Silicon dressings used that cause trims and leather to look shiny & terrible, they can be dangerous if applied to pedals)

Mini Valet


  • Wheels cleaned with safe brushes.
  • Prewash & thick snow foam applied.
  • Arches flushed thoroughly with APC.
  • Door shuts & fuel filler cap cleaned.
  • Multi bucket safe wash & Grit guards.
  • Protection Sealant Applied.
  • Safely Dried with plush towel. 
  • Glass cleaned & Rain replant applied.
  • Tyres Dressed (gloss, satin or matte)
  • Wheel sealant applied.
(Note all protection applied Lasts 2-4 weeks)


  • Door shuts & fuel filler cap cleaned.
  • Interior vacuumed.
  • Interior surfaces cleaned and dressed.
  • Interior glass cleaned.

Prices From:

  • Small Vehicle - £50
    Fiat 500 / Ford Ka size
  • Medium Vehicle - £55
    VW Golf / Porsche boxer
  • Large Vehicle - £60
    BMW 5 Series / Tesla Model S
  • Extra Large Vehicle - £65
    Range Rover / Porsche Cayenne

Time Taken:

  • 2 Hours
    Limited Mobile Availability

We let you make a booking online, making it quick and easy for you to get your vehicle booked in for an external valet / Exterior Valet and ready to go with hassle-free contactless payments abiding by covid19 guidelines as a safety precaution not only to you but to ourselves too. 

Products we use are from Infinity Wax

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