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Nanolex Approved Detailer

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Full detailing studio

Ceramic Coating

Monitored 24/7

We are lincolnshires only Approved Detailer to be able to apply this ultimate protection giving us the edge over others on the market. Don’t settle for less when the best is in town.

Approved Detailer Application only.

While providing outstanding toughness, flexibility and exterior durability and also imparting a brilliant, deep gloss. Due to the highly upgraded density of the coating, excellent block resistance and hardness is achieved, resulting in an increased resistance to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents, as well as corrosion. The incorporated UV-blocking/absorbing system ensures protection from environmental impacts and UV-induced degradation, completing the protective capacity of the coating. Giving upto 5 years of ulitimate protection for your investment.

Sealants & Waxes Available


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