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New Car Paint Protection Lincoln

There is nothing like getting a new car, and we are specialists at keeping your new purchase looking it’s best. Most dealerships offer a long term paint sealant when purchasing a new car, in the form of sealants such as AutoGlym Lifeshine, Supaguard, Diamondbrite and GuardX to name a few. Unfortunately the money you spend on these (between £300 – 600) is washed away on their first wash because they aren’t applied correctly in most cases.

We Guarantee Longer Lasting Results for your money!

Want a Warranty with your Package? Then take a look at the

CERAMIC PRO® Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum Package 

Congratulations on your new car purchase!

So you’ve been out and spend £1000’s of your hard earned money on the car you have wanted for years or its your dream car! (we all have one). when purchasing it the dealers offered you a protection package for anything between £0 and £600 Right? 

What would you say if we said you would be better off without taking them up on that package? Crazy? That’s what we thought… well its not secret that dealers offer these services but either;

A: don’t actually do it.

B: the staff applying it don’t have the knowledge or time to do it right.

Either way you’re always better off having New car Protection Details done by Professionals like us that have both of the above.

New car paint protection Detail New car paint protection Detail

0% interest free for the first 4 months available on all packages over £99 courtesy of PayPal credit

How do they get damaged before I pick it up?

Well not only do vehicles travel by many modes of transport before you get your hands on it but they also get prepared by people who not of their own fault lack skills, tools and time at dealers preparing them. which unfortunately leaves your car worse than it was as it rolled out of the factory.  

Example damage from Dealers above

This 2020 turbo blue Audi A1 above was brand new when it came to us and we get this with all makes and models that come from factory. we will always find some sort of defect no questions about it. 

This damage was caused by people catching their shoes on the Cil’s getting in and out of the rear of the car while it was in the showroom. 


New car paint protection Detail Lincoln New car paint protection Detail Lincoln

So what makes our services Different to the Dealer protection?

Well first off we are Highly trained in the field of detailing and have undertaken so my courses and gains so much experience over the years. Details can be found on our About Us page.

Detailing is our main service we carry out we aren’t trying to sell a multiple cars to different people at the same time being distracted. I only have 2 hands and that means I can only work on one car at any one time crazy right? 

All in all this means quality is extremely high as we are able to concentrate on one vehicle all the time. 

We also use professional grade products only which cant be obtained by the general public or motor trade dealers. These are specific to Detailers and most of all Approved Detailers of products like Ceramic Pro. 

This gives us the Edge over dealer applied products that can be obtained by anyone who can use Google. 

New Car Protection Detail

The perfect start to your Cars life, Lock in that new car shine for years to come.
From £399
  • All exterior protection wrappers taken off if present
  • Engine bay cleaned along with wheels being taken off for a front to back clean.
  • Full wash and Decontamination process undertaken
  • Dried off and put on the ramp
  • Wheels taken off dried and prepared for wheel coatings
  • Single stage gloss enhancement machine polish undertaken.
  • Panel wiped / IPA to remove polish residue before coatings applied.
  • 1 year Ceramic Coating applied to all relevant surfaces. (paint, plastics, glass, wheels.)
  • Interior protection removed if present.
  • Interior hoovered.
  • All surfaces cleaned and protection applied.
  • Internal glass cleaned.
  • Tyres dressed once put back on the vehicle.
  • New Car Paint Protection Final inspection carried out.

New Car Paint Protection:

Prices From:

  • Small Vehicle - £399
    Fiat 500 / Ford Ka size
  • Medium Vehicle - £449
    VW Golf / Porsche boxer
  • Large Vehicle - £499
    BMW 5 Series / Tesla Model S
  • Extra Large Vehicle - £549
    Range Rover / Porsche Cayenne

Time Taken:

  • 2 - 3 Days

Upgrades Available:

You can also choose to upgrade this package. A wide range of options are available. See the adjacent list. 

  • Ceramic Pro Bronze Package. +£96
  • Ceramic Pro Silver Package. +£296
  • Celtic Tuning ECU / TCU Tune.
  • Alloy Gator Exclusives Supply & Fitting – £160
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