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Paint Protection Film (PFF)

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Benefits of Vehicle Wrapping at OCDetails?


Ceramic Pro KAVACA PPF  is a highly advanced Paint Protection Film.

Combined with properties like: unmatched gloss, clarity, and hydrophobicity, Kavaca is the most advance and best looking Paint Protection Film on the market.

CeramicPro Kavaca PPF
Paint Protection Film

Partial Front

This package covers the vital areas of your car parts covered include: Front bumper, front sections of the wings and the first quarter of your bonnet. 

The Budget Friendly option to protect your car from stone-chips and everyday debris.

Full Front

This package covers the complete front end of your car this includes: Front bumper, Full wings, wing mirrors, + full bonnet. 

The in between option to protect your car from stone-chips and everyday debris.

Full Car

This package covers the whole car where possible. Offering the ultimate protection on the market.

The best option to protect your car from stone-chips and everyday debris.

Brief Process Overview

Inspections & Preparation are Key

After you’ve been visited us and we have inspected the vehicle we discuss a Package to suit you and your car. We then get you booked in for the installation at our unit. 

The vehicle will under go a full days wash and decontamination process prior to any PPF being applied to get full coverage & achieve the best possible install we can.

Terms & Conditions

No estimate will be given without an inspection. 

The price depends on the following factors: size of the car, condition of the paint (all paint imperfections must be addressed prior to application as they will be magnified & ‘sealed’ under the PPF.

This can take between 2-50 hours to complete depending on the Level of wrap and difficulty of parts

we aim to give you an accurate and competitive quotation. Deposits for any work booked to the value of £150 or more will require a 50% deposit to confirm booking.

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