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What's included?

Specialist paint / wrap wash

Specialist Paint and Wrap Care really is something to consider long term as specialist paints like Mercedes matte/satin paint once damaged cant be rectified by conventional detailing techniques. It would require respraying which because its specialist paint take longer to do along with being far more expensive than conventional paint and the same goes with Vinyl wraps.  

Specialist non gloss enhancing products / Ceramic coatings used. 

Prices From:

Upgrades Available:

You can also choose to upgrade this package. A wide range of options are available.

  • Full Decontamination of paints surface (Fallout removal + Tar Removal – £30 *Inc VAT
  • Lite Ceramic Spray Coating 12 months protection – £50 *Inc VAT 
  • Ceramic Pro Bronze 2 year warranty Ceramic Coating Detail. Starting at £499 *Inc VAT
  • Ceramic Pro Silver 5 year warranty Ceramic Coating Detail. Starting at £799 *Inc VAT

Car Valeting Service:

Time Taken:

*Prices are subject to change and are based on vehicle size & condition.

Specialist Paint and Wrap Care Why do i need to consider it?

With many manufacturers offering this special paint finish as an optional extra and satin matt paint finishes becoming ever increasingly popular. However, they are far from the easiest finish to maintain! Whether it be a vinyl car wrap or an actual painted surface, we have you covered so no warranty’s are compromised just like the protection. Using Ceramic Pro Products throughout.

vinyl car wrap / Car Wrap Protection

Specialist Paint and Wrap Care Why Choose a Ceramic Coating?

Matte/Satin paint has become very popular & with it being more susceptible to staining, finger marks, bug marks, tree sap etc .  
Also due to the nature of satin/Matte paint you can not use traditional paint correction techniques.  Most products contain glossy agents which can damage the finish of your Matte/Satin paint.

Given these downfalls its highly recommended you have the surface protected as soon as possible to help prevent any damage being done in the future. Using Ceramic Pro Products throughout.

We let you make a booking online, making it quick and easy for you to get your vehicle booked in for an external valet / Exterior Valet and ready to go with hassle-free contactless payments abiding by covid19 guidelines as a safety precaution not only to you but to ourselves too. This currently looks to be set for 2022 as we have been waiting 8 months so far for the van to be built and delivered so far. 

There are no mobile services currently due to our new van still being built. As soon as that is ready for the road we will update this page and calendar to allow mobile valeting to take place.

We are the only IMI EV/HYBRID qualified detailer and valeter in the UK  which means your vehicle is in safe hands in terms of being able to shut the power down correctly if need be to avoid fires and further damage to your car if it happened to set itself alight. 

Products we use are from Infinity Wax

We are a sole company, not a franchise, we only use the best of the best regardless of the cost to bring you the best finish possible, investing £1000’s every year in kit and training to keep on top of our game. 

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