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Alloy Wheel Protectors

Make worrying about scratching your alloys a thing of the past with Alloy Gators wheel Protectors

Alloy Wheel Protectors

The Ultimate alloy wheel protection on the market to date.

Professional Expertise: As a 5-star installer we are certified experts, ensuring that the installation process is carried out with precision and attention to detail. Their experience guarantees a seamless and flawless fit, avoiding any potential damage during installation. More info here

Alloy Wheel Protectors


Our Brief Process


Choose from 1 of 15 colours and get in touch with us. 


Once we have booked you in and taken delivery of the gators then Installation takes around 1 hour from start to finish. 


Tyre pressurs and gator trims are checked and then you are ready to tackle the road ahead.


5 Star Approved Fitters.

Guide Pricing

Supplied & Fitted Prices

>15" Alloys

Supplied & Fitted for up to 15 inch alloys. 

From £116.67 +VAT

Please note: These are the same prices as if you would order direct from Alloy Gator.

>19" Alloys

Supplied & Fitted for up to 19 inch alloys. 

From £133.33 +VAT

Please note: We stock Black, silver, graphite and red in 19-24"

>24" Alloys

Supplied & Fitted for up to 15inch alloys. 

From £141.67 +VAT

Please note: If your Tyre Profile is less than 35 and/or your vehicle is electric then Alloy Gators are not suitable.

Ask us about our 12 month 0% Finance Option



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We are proud to be certified by some of the best companies in the detailing industry, which means we guarantee and stand by our products and craftsmanship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AlloyGator Wheel Protection is a specially designed product that fits between the tire and the wheel rim, providing a protective barrier against damage caused by curb rash, potholes, and other road hazards.

AlloyGator Wheel Protection works by acting as a sacrificial layer between the wheel rim and the road surface. It is made from a tough, flexible material that absorbs impacts and prevents damage to the wheel.

Yes, AlloyGator Wheel Protection is suitable for use on most types of alloy wheels, including those with low-profile tires and run-flat tires.

AlloyGators have been tested under normal driving conditions and within the legal speed limit.