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Paint Correction Lincoln

Paint Correction Lincoln

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Investing in paint correction for your car is a commitment to preserving its aesthetic appeal and protecting its long-term value. Over time, your vehicle’s exterior is subjected to various environmental elements, contaminants, and minor imperfections that can diminish its shine and finish. 

Carrying out paint correction not only restores the original lustre but also eliminates surface defects, such as swirl marks and light scratches, ensuring a flawless and mirror-like finish.

What is machine polishing?

Machine polishing is a more advanced yet more difficult to get right process compared to a hand polish. Machine Polishing is exactly that a machine that spins a pad at high speed to cut away the surface layer of clear coat to reduce or even remove defects like swirls or scratches. This inevitably brings back that deep gloss and shine.

This can go horribly wrong if you don’t know what you are doing and isn’t to be taken lightly when choosing who carries out your machine polishing.

Our Blog here gives you the basics on what to be asking and what to look for in a professional detailer.

Proof's in the Pudding

Packages & Prices

So you’ve scrolled all the way down here looking for that “price list” well sorry to disappoint but there isn’t one… No joke… why you ask? 

Well your car is different to your neighbours car be it by the make and model or even size… Then there is the condition even if you had identical cars of identical years I can guarantee one of you looks after it better than the other.

The old saying “how longs a piece of string” comes to mind with this, we have no idea what your car needs.

Next Steps

So what now? 

You literally have nothing to loose apart from time and you’ve got everything to gain like knowledge of what’s involved and a car that’s worth more than it was. You’re only winning.

We need to see your car in person for an inspection its that simple… oh and did we mention its FREE? *Your car needs to be clean

Our PArtner

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OCDetails is proud to be a certified installer of UK-based ceramic coating company Wax is Dead. Wax is Dead offers the most advanced ceramic coatings in the industry, which is why we are able to offer such long warranties with our coating installs.

Why does your car get damaged?

Over the years if not months of using the likes of a cheap £10 car wash that has washed 1000’s of cars prior to your own while using cheap and overly aggressive chemicals they damage your paintwork. Initially you don’t see this as your brain just doesn’t see the change. Until the sun comes out… 

Its inevitable that you car suffers some sort of damage over time and this is where car detailing comes in. As experts in car detailing we have the knowledge and tools to reverse the damage caused in 90% of cases while offering protection to reduce the chances of defects happening from bad washing. 





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