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Car Remapping Lincolnshire

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Benefits of choosing us and a Celtic Tuning Remap ?

About Celtic Tuning Car Remapping Lincolnshire

Celtic Remapping specialists offer a complete peace of mind package. All of our ECU Engine Remapping software comes with a 14 Day full money back guarantee, a lifetime software warranty and for those vehicles under 3 years old and less than 60,000 miles we also provide our insurance backed mechanical breakdown cover. So you know your car is in safe hands. This is the Ultimate in Vehicle tuning.

Car Remapping

We are proud to be able to be part of the Celtic Tuning network and have undertaken their training to be able to offer safe and reliable services. Below is an example of the sort of gains that can be made with Celtic Tuning remaps. But wait its not just limited to ECU remaps for Diesel & Petrol vehicles , we are able to remove limiters, add features, gearbox mapping and much more!. 

We carry out a full health check before any remapping. Live data logging on a road test is done. 

ECU Remapping

We take a backup of your vehicles ECU Software before loading our Celtic tuning software &  Road test for checks.

Our ECU Remaps are at the forefront of the industry in terms of power and reliability. Our ECU Remap software is the result of our extensive development programmes which ensures optimum performance and reliability.
Performance Tuning has become a big industry over the last 15 years and with our in house developers we are most definitely at the forefront of the industry for Engine Tuning and ECU Remaps.

Why choose Celtic Tuning?

A Celtic Tuning Remap provides performance increases that are not only both safe and reliable but also through our extensive development programs are also ahead of our competition in terms of power and performance. We are genuine software developers who write and develop all software in house, no third party software and no copy paste like the majority of UK tuners.

We work on all makes of ECU’s including Bosch ECU Remap, Siemens ECU Remap, Visteon ECU Remap, Valeo ECU Remap, Delphi ECU Remap, Denso ECU Remap and Marelli ECU Remap to name just a few. As we develop all software in house we can adapt our Tuning software to suit your requirements.

We can provide all stages of Tuning from stage 1 upwards and can also accommodate injector changes, custom turbos, DPF DeleteEGR Delete and much more. All of our software is developed in house using our 4WD linked dynamometers. We test and log all engine parameters under all load conditions to ensure that boost pressures are constant, fuelling is within the correct tolerances, exhaust gas temperatures are not too high and that there is no additional soot on turbo diesels.

How much does a remap cost in the UK?

The cost of a remap is dependent upon the make and model of your vehicle.  Our expert partners, Celtic tuning have a handy tool that allows you to get an estimate of your cars’ power and torque increase at the link above the form below.

ECU Remapping

Refer Family / Friend / multi car

  • 2 cars £20 off each upon successful bookings.
  • 3 cars £40 off each upon successful bookings.
  • ECU & Gearbox tune package £100 off.

*If either/any booking is cancelled this offer isn’t valid & the booking is subject to the normal price


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