CAR Remapping Lincoln

CAR remapping Lincoln

Boost your cars performance, driveability & fuel economy

At OCDetails, we specialize in harnessing your car’s complete capabilities through precision engine remapping. Whether your goal is to elevate your vehicle’s fuel efficiency or amplify its horsepower and torque output, our team possesses the expertise and hands-on experience required to unleash your engine’s ultimate potential.


Why settle for the mediocre tunes the factory install on your vehicle? Celtic tuning improve not only the below points but the actual driveability of a vehicle. Removing what we call flat spots in the rev range. This in turn brings a car alive when it comes to drivability. 

More Power

We can help unlock up to 40% more power from your stock vehicle.

More Torque

Increasing torque results in better towing capacity and acceleration from a standstill.

More MPG

Remapping can optimize the engine’s fuel efficiency, resulting in better mpg and lower fuel costs.

Our Partner

OCDetails takes immense pride in holding the exclusive distinction of being Lincolnshire’s sole authorized dealer for Celtic Tuning. Renowned as a pioneering expert in crafting cutting-edge software solutions, Celtic Tuning is at the forefront of unleashing unparalleled performance for an array of vehicles, including cars, vans, 4X4s, and even heavy-duty HGVs.

HEres our own stage 3 Tuned S1 Running 445HP!

Why Choose Celtic Tuning Remapping Lincoln?

We come from a mechanical background before this business was born. It only made sense that we offer it as a service because we understand engines inside out. Having been with Celtic Tuning since 2017 we have remapped everything from a V12 Aston Martin through to a VW golf. 

What we can offer you.

our remaps are not off the shelf, they are custom to your vehicle.

Starting From £249 +VAT

or as little as £17.43 P/M 0% Finance over 12 months

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Frequently Asked Questions

ECU remapping is the process of modifying the settings of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) in a vehicle to optimize its performance. This involves changing the software code that controls various engine functions such as fuel injection, ignition timing, and boost pressure.

ECU remapping can offer a range of benefits, including increased power and torque, improved throttle response, better fuel efficiency, and smoother acceleration. It can also enhance the driving experience by making the vehicle more responsive and enjoyable to drive.

ECU remapping is generally safe However, it can potentially affect the reliability and longevity of the engine if done incorrectly or excessively so its vital to choose a reputable and experienced ECU remapping company such as OCDetails.